Are Netbooks Fast?

If you are searching for a fast netbook or expect very high processing speed from a usual netbook that you should not. The netbooks available in the market are not much faster like laptops. And it is because netbooks are not made for high speed. Manufacturers have given weight to compatibility and size rather than fast processing. Even the fastest netbook available in the market are not able to compete with a usual laptop. These netbooks are actually made for very basic functions, and these fundamental features don’t require very high processing speed. Companies have also discarded some of the features from netbook to make it inexpensive, and that’s why netbooks are so cheap laptop stand for couch. Although some companies have launched some fast netbook models, but these models still don’t contain very high-capacity processors and Rams. The fastest netbook currently available in the market offers core 2 duo processors with upto 2 GHz speed and 2 GB Ram memory. However, in case of laptops and desktops this technology has been expired.

Nevertheless, if a fast netbook is your extreme necessity, then there are some options, which may cost you a bit high but these can fulfill your need. As I have described before that the fastest netbooks currently available contain core 2 duo processor, but you can find few netbooks with some extra RAM memory and bus speed. These two factors also play an important role in processing, and if you buy a netbook model with extra RAM and high bus speed then probably you can deal with the speed problems. The usual netbook models which are being offered by top brands contain 1 GB of Ram. However, you can find some models with extra memory such as nowadays Accer is offering a netbook model with 2 GB of Ram and 1.6 dual core processor. This model of netbook can be a bit fast as compare to others, although it is also a bit costly.
There are some other netbooks as well, which offer 2 GB of ram with higher bus speed. If you compare these models with usual one, then you can judge that the normal netbooks are offering processors with upto 600 of bus speed, however, these fast netbook models are coming with 800 bus speed. This speed can also be helpful for you in increasing the processing capacity of your netbook. Here I want to say that these fast netbooks are still not able to compete with usual laptops. So if you have planned to use your netbook for programming or software-development purpose, then I will suggest you to purchase a notebook or laptop rather than netbook