PIA Vs Ultrasurf - Surf The Internet Freely

Private internet access review reveals details of services of PIA. As per this review it offers unmatchable VPN services in 10 countries with 900 VPN-servers. All of its servers feature Gigabit-connections. They allow you to make three connections at the same time with a single VPN account. So you can share your VPN with friends & family. Additional proxy service is also a part of this VPN package. Signup process is easy and quick. It is free of bothersome details requirements that take much time of users. Maximum time for sign-up process is 20 to 30 seconds. These VPN details for logging are then sent to email. After this VPN account is instantly activated after confirmation of payment.

VPN software

PIA (private internet network) provides its own Open VPN client. This client comes up preconfigured with the username and password of members in email indicating VPN activation. Users are allowed to choose the country or region to which they want VPN connection.  According to Private internet access reviewthey are also free to choose between ports and protocols. PIA provides both UDP and TCP VPNs, on the ports; UDP 53, 1194 etc and TCP-80, 110, 443 etc.

For selection of ports and protocols advanced options are to be used. Another thing that customers can themselves set is port-forwarding which is used by P2P-clients and other software requiring direct access from internet to the PC. After option is enabled forwarded port is shown by tooltip when users connect.  As per Private internet access reviewthis port is also available on the servers of Switzerland, Canada, Romania and Netherlands.  For IP leakage avoidance, VPN kill-switch deletes ISP internet-gateway if VPN disconnects. ultrasurf online DNS leak-protection will remove default DDNS-servers for allowing users to use only VPN assigned DNS servers. IPv6 network-address is disabled by IPv6 leak-protection for protecting against leakage through IPv6.


Charges for monthly plan are $6.95, while that of yearly plan are $39.95. This process is quite affordable and convenient for enjoying VPN over 900 gateways at multiple locations. As revealed by Private internet access review they accept Google Wallet, Liberty Reserve, OK-Pay, PayPal, Amazon Payments, Cash-U and gift cards. Gift cards help for purchase of services while being anonymous. Refund policy is another security feature which covers money-back guarantee of 7 days. You can use a Private internet access coupon code to get the cheapest price.


After several speed tests with all protocols separately speed was not satisfactory and was rather bad. Average speed ranges between 100KB & 400KB per second regardless of location of server. Among all protocols Open VPN`s speed was best of all. It was between 2MB to 10MB per second depending upon the distance to the VPN server.  The speed was fastest for closest servers. As a result of testing on UDP Open VPN and L2TP provided best speeds. According to Private internet access review during downloading of large files speed was found to be constant. For those who are looking for using L2TP/IPSec, they are required to use traditional connection ways through L2TP. Setup of L2TP VPN takes few moments. Difference between L2TP and Open VPN speeds is quite small. Open VPN is therefore recommended because its security level is higher.