Pregnancy Essentials

To achieve the best result possible, it is essential to start recording your body signals, enter your data into our system, adhere to a healthy diet, and take the recommended minerals and vitamins for at least three months something like the parent journal. Also, you must stop taking birth control pills and any other contraceptives, and wait until you are getting your period regularly before trying any of our Fertility Analysis Methods to conceive. 

In this particular Fertility Analysis Method, ovulation prediction is calculated by analysing your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) data and information about the nature of your cervical mucus.

CM is one type of vaginal discharge; it is produced by glands within the cervix, and specifically within your cervical canal.

You need to record your BBT from beginning of your menstrual cycle. You also need to take note and record the nature of your cervical mucus each day. Based on your BBT and CM history, the system uses a simulation and statistical models to predict when you will ovulate. You will be informed by SMS or email when you are most likely to conceive. Also determined will be the best day to conceive to achieve either a male or female baby (according to your desired gender that you will have set when starting your account).

In the first 3 months of using the system, due to lack of the information about your menstrual and your body's history, ovulation prediction will occur with less accuracy. We call this period as ‘Provisional Phase’ and recommend not to conceive if you desire a certain gender for the baby. Accuracy of the ovulation prediction by this Fertility analysis method is about 98.5% after Provisional phase.

Changes in cervical mucus (CM) are an important signal of fertility and ovulation prediction elements. CM protects sperm from the naturally-acidic environment of the vagina and helps sperm to move through the cervix into the uterus. The mucus patterns will differ among women due to unique variables, like cycle length, age, hormonal balance, use of fertility drugs, etc.

During your menstrual cycle, both the quantity and the quality of cervical fluids (like texture and appearance) will change as you move through your menstrual cycle. Changes occur due to different levels of oestrogen and progesterone levels in your body during your cycle.

In the first part of your menstrual cycle when you period has finished, your CM may be dry for several days (or it will be thick, and of a cloudy colour). This consistency is called infertile cervical mucus. There is no chance to conceive during any of these days. Infertile mucus is described as thick, dense, sticky, flaky and tacky.

Once this stage is over, you will enter the pre-ovulatory stage, where oestrogen levels increase in your body, and you will notice your CM becomes transitional and slippery. You may also experience an increase in volume, a thinner feel, and a stretchy texture. The colour of this clear cervical mucus may be white, creamy or yellow. Sperm will find this form of mucus particularly hard to swim through. This type of cervical mucus is also called 'infertile mucus', and can be described as creamy, pasty, thick, cloudy, sticky, flaky and tacky.

When the oestrogen levels peak, just before ovulation, the mucus becomes jelly-like (still wet), resembling raw egg-white, and can be stretched between the fingers.

We have categorized different types of CM (cervical mucus) as Period (P), Dry (D), Sticky (S) or Egg white (E). You are required to choose one of these categories by observing your cervical mucus in the system on daily base.Following is a sample of Daily Cycle records of  the our system:

This Fertility Analysis method is required to monitor and record your cervical mucus until end of your menstrual cycle, as well as your daily Basal Body Temperature (BBT). To find out how to measure and record BBT, you can get complete information at Basal Body Temperature (BBT) method section.

Advantages of the BBT & CM analysis method

• It is applicable under almost all conditions
• It requires no technology- you need only a digital basal thermometer, which is affordable and available at any chemist/drugstore
• Ovulation prediction is based on your two body symptoms, temperature and cervical mucus, so prediction relies on the symptom-thermal observation
• It is an effective method to increase the likelihood of choosing the gender of your baby
• It is an inexpensive and scientifically proven method for fertility analysing
• It is a natural approach and no chemicals or herbs are required
• It can maximize your chance of conception and expedite fertility treatment by identifying impediments to conception
• It is a Fertility Analysis method with success rate of 98.5%


• Stress, travel, Iil-health and diet can effect on body symptoms, and therefore may effect on the result of calculation
• You are required to measure and record your BBT and your cervical mucus daily, which can be uncomfortable for some women
• External health factors can also affect cervical mucus. For example, the consistency of a woman’s cervical mucus can change if she has a vaginal infection, of which she might not be aware