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Hungry Dragon Is a Surprisingly Addictive

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Hungry Dragon Is a Surprisingly Addictive and Action-Packed Eat-Em-up Game

Hungry Dragon

Hungry Dragon Is a Surprisingly Addictive - 

A couple of days back we recommended a game called 'Death Worm.' A lot of you seemed to have liked it, so here's a similar game called Hungry Dragon, that's worth checking out.

Hungry Dragon, just like Death Worm, sees you as a hungry creature that eats everything on its way. You start playing as a dragon that eats smaller birds, fish, spiders, etc. Heck, you can even munch on humans for some extra points. You also get to discover new places and unlock new playable dragons as you progress.

The game also has surprisingly easy controls. There's a floating joystick that lets you move around the dragon, and you can tap on the left of the screen to boost in the direction you're facing. It's as easy as it can get and props to Ubisoft for pulling it off.

Overall, Hungry Dragon is a really intriguing title. There's nothing particularly challenging, but there are some twists that are going to keep you hooked into the game for long hours.

Download Hungry Dragon from the Play Store (Free)
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