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Realme 2 Pro Software Features

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Realme 2 Pro Software Features
Realme 2 Pro

Realme 2 Pro Software Features

Realme 2 Pro Software Features: Does ColorOS Offer Anything Unique?

Realme 2 Pro Software Features - 

The Realme 2 Pro boots ColorOS 5.2 based on Android 8.1 Oreo, but is it just another colorfulAndroid skin or does it really bring something unique?
Well, ColorOS offers enough features that will leave an average smartphone user satisfied, but it still has a lot to catch up when compared with the likes of MIUI and OyxgenOS, which seem far more mature to our eyes. However, I did find a few useful features in ColorOS that are worth a mention:
  • Smart Assistant: It is basically a command center where users can quickly check the weather, track health vitals and customize it with tools and widgets of their choice
  • Smart Sidebar: By swiping a thin sidebar at either edge of the screen, users can access certain apps they use frequently
  • There are 4 different versions of navigation gestures
  • Personal information protection tool to safeguard sensitive data such as call history, contacts messages, etc.
  • Fake base station blocking: Prevents fraudulent messages and ads sent by malicious parties from addresses disguised as the base station of a genuine mobile operator
  • Kids Space: Restricts access to certain apps, prohibits app installation or deletions, prevents apps from sending transaction messages, etc.
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