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Snap Wants to Make a Fashion Statement

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Snap Wants to Make a Fashion Statement with New Frames for Spectacles 2

Snap new frames Spectacles

Snap Wants to Make a Fashion Statement - 

Snap revived its Spectacles earlier this year with a new edition called Spectacles 2. Yes, the second-gen Spectacles look way better than the first one, but the silhouette still didn't really appeal to the fashion-conscious users. However, the company hopes to get back into the race with two new designs for Spectacles 2.

Starting today, Snap will sell two new styles called Nico and Veronica on its dedicated website in the US, Canada, and select European countries. The new ones are completely different silhouettes that look nothing that existing ones.

When it comes to the functionality, though, they are identical to the existing variants. You can still snap photos or record videos with the device and share them on, well, Snapchat. Snap says these new frames are available in limited quantities, but they'll be restocked this fall.

Buy the new Spectacles 2 frames ($199)
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